Blue Cochins

Blue CochinsI believe that serious poultry breeders should dedicate some resources to one long-term improvement project. It not only benefits a breed that needs help; it reminds us of the struggles and commitment it takes to reach a distant goal. My project has been Large Fowl Blue Cochins since I started with them in 2008. Blue Cochins are beautiful and fun, and have brought me more joy and satisfaction than any other breed.

While Cochins are generally considered ornamental, my strains are very comparable to Orpingtons in egg and meat traits. Hens and roosters are especially sweet natured, loveable, never in a hurry and most often under your feet. They make the best pets and, although very large, they are a good introduction to poultry raising or showing. Some Blue Cochin hens will have a tendency to go broody, which may be useful to those who prefer to hatch chicks under hens.

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