Rhode Island Reds

Rhode Island RedsThe deep, rich color and blocky body type of a standard-bred Rhode Island Red makes them a very distinctive and recognizable breed. Well bred Reds are also docile, friendly and productive, making them ideal for the farm or acreage. Unfortunately, "old type" Reds which were once so common are now few and far between, and this is especially true of the Rose Comb variety. I'm proud to be involved in helping to preserve this precious piece of North American history for future generations to enjoy.

My Reds are friendly, calm and curious and always a joy to have on the farm. Since these hens are so placid they can be picked on by more aggressive chickens such as hybrid layer hens. Reds aren't inclined to venture outdoors much in the winter, but they love to be outside scratching about during the other 3 seasons. Rhode Island Reds are world renowned as the quintessential farm chicken for good reason... hens are dependable egg layers and cockerels can be butchered early for delicious fryers.

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