White Chantecler

White ChanteclerIf your goal is to build up a flock of no-nonsense, practical farm chickens, White Chanteclers are the ideal choice. Hens are good consistent layers of large eggs, and cockerels are equally valued for their outstanding meat properties. I've been working since 2010 to develop my Chantecler strain with a focus on efficient, fast-growing chickens that also happen to be graceful, attractive and non-aggressive. I'm pleased to say this goal has been achieved.

If you're seeking the ultimate farm chicken, White Chanteclers just might be the best-kept secret of all time. They are heavy and solid - an unbeatable heritage meat bird plus hens are prolific egg layers. My Chanteclers put on weight fastest of all my breeds so are ready for butchering earlier, at around 20 weeks. They are clever, independent, hardy and easy to hatch and raise. They don't enjoy being handled or fussed with but are respectful to people. Roosters tend to be territorial so it's best to keep only one rooster in a flock of hens.

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